2022 HEAD Competition

March 24 – 25, 2022 @ Mohawk College (Virtual)

ProblemParking in Hamilton
Prepared by – Hamilton CityLab / Transportation Planning and Parking

Keynote – Julianna Petrovich

Judging Institutions:
City of Hamilton (Julianna Petrovich) – Subject Expert
Insight 2 Actions (Vivek Patel) – Analytics Expert
Scotiabank (Shirin Jabbari) – Analytics Expert
Shopify (Paul Gallagher) – Analytics Expert

Phase I Poster Submissions

TeamSchoolPoster RankPresentation RankOverall Rank
Group GC34 (2022)Georgian College2nd1st1st
Group MC11 (2022)Mohawk College1st3rd2nd
Group MC01 (2022)Mohawk College3rd4th3rd
Group MC37 (2022)Mohawk College8th2nd4th
Group MC31 (2022)Mohawk College5th5th5th
Group GC04 (2022)Georgian College6th6th6th
Group MC28 (2022)Mohawk College4th7th7th
Group MC33 (2022)Mohawk College7th----
Group MC15 (2022)Mohawk College9th----
Group MC22 (2022)Mohawk College9th----
Group MC29 (2022)Mohawk College11th----
Group MC18 (2022)Mohawk College12th----
Group MC30 (2022)Mohawk College13th----
Group MC17 (2022)Mohawk College14th----
Group MC14 (2022)Mohawk College15th----
Group MC38 (2022)Mohawk College16th----
Group MC32 (2022)Mohawk College17th----
Group GB43 (2022)George Brown College18th----
Group MC16 (2022)Mohawk College19th----
Group GC05 (2022)Georgian College20th----

Additional Prizes:

Best Storytellers – Team 37 Mohawk College

Most Improved Performance (Phase I and Phase II) – Team 37 Mohawk College