2024 HEAD Competition


Congratulations to the teams from Mohawk College and Durham College in tying for first place overall!

TeamPhase IPhase IIFINAL SCORERank
Mohawk College 1742.2544.0086.251
Durham College 3442.9443.3186.251
Mohawk College 0440.2537.6077.853
Durham College 3936.9440.0076.944
Mohawk College 0137.6337.9075.535
Mohawk College 0235.1735.7070.876
Cambrian College 1837.7531.2068.957
Mohawk College 0334.5028.9063.408


The top 8 submissions eligible for Phase 2 of the competition have been chosen by our expert panel of judges. Congratulations to all the teams that participated. Good luck to the finalists!

Mohawk College 01
– 5th Place (37.63 pts) –
Mohawk College 19
(33.81 pts)
Mohawk College 03
– 8th Place (34.50 pts) –
Mohawk College 02
– 7th Place (35.17 pts) –
Mohawk College 04
3rd Place (40.25 pts)
Mohawk College 23
(32.75 pts)
Mohawk College 05
(32.13 pts)
Mohawk College 12
(30.50 pts)
Mohawk College 06
(33.06 pts)
Mohawk College 28
(31.88 pts)
Mohawk College 09
(31.13 pts)
Mohawk College 30
(34.19 pts)
Mohawk College 10
(31.50 pts)
Mohawk College 32
(33.13 pts)
Mohawk College 11
(32.00 pts)
Durham College 34
– 1st Place (42.94 pts)
Mohawk College 17
– 2nd Place (42.25pts)
Durham College 35
– Withdrew –
Cambrian College 18
– 4th Place (37.75 pts) –
Durham College 39
– 6th Place (36.94 pts) –

Finalist presentations will begin at 10:00am on Friday morning, March 22, 2024.

About the Event

Mohawk College is pleased to announce the return of the Higher Education Analytics Data Competition! The date for this event is March 21st to 22nd, 2024. Registration for the HEAD Competition 2024 will open in January 2024 with the Phase I problem released shortly thereafter. Student teams can win from a prize purse provided by our sponsor!

College and university students are invited to test their analytical skills and storytelling abilities by exploring a real-world problem based on available data. No special programming or analytical tool knowledge is required, but students studying Data Analytics or related fields will have an advantage.

Teams compete with one another and may employ a variety of descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics techniques to analyze problems with data. Using any technology and supporting data sets they identify, teams are to prepare and model data to perform analysis used to make recommendations to key decision-makers. Teams will prepare a poster and deliver a presentation on their analysis in two phases of competition.

This year’s competition will be an in-person event.

Learn about the HEAD Competition that took place in 2023.

Phase One consists of a several-week period to explore an initial problem and dataset provided by the competition committee. During that time teams will prepare a poster of their analysis and will submit it electronically one week prior to the competition. The posters will be pre-evaluated by the judges. On the morning of March 21st, teams will have an opportunity to answer questions by judges during a 2-hour open poster presentation period. Upon conclusion, teams will be notified if they qualify for Phase Two.

Phase Two begins on the afternoon of March 21st, 2024. Teams will be provided with a secondary related problem and dataset and will have until the next day to perform analysis and prepare a presentation to be presented live to the judging panel and audience. The winners of the competition will be announced upon the conclusion of presentations on March 22nd, 2024.

Important Dates

January 15, 2024Registration Opens
January 15, 2024Problem Release (Phase I Begins)
March 1, 2024Registration Deadline
March 14, 2024Phase I Submission Deadline (Phase I Ends)
– Poster to be submitted (PDF or PowerPoint)
March 18, 2024Phase I Results Released
March 21, 2024Competition – Phase II Problem Release
March 22, 2024Competition – Phase II Panel Presentation
Winners Announced

* Some dates may be subject to change prior to the release of data.