Independent judges from industry partners and academic institutions will evaluate both phases of the competition. Overall performance and ranking of the teams will be calculated based on the following formula:

Phase One – 50%

  • Visualisation(25%) – Creative and effective use of visual analytics to provide relevant and attractive charts and/or graphs that depict the datasets. Factors contributing to visualisation scores include poster layout, legibility and writing, effective visuals, effective data use, and overall impression.
  • Content (25%) – Correct and innovative use of data with appropriate structure. Factors contributing to content scores include background, reference quality, methodology, conclusion, and discussion from the presentation.

Phase Two – 50%

  • Story Telling (30%) – Capability to tell a compelling and engaging story that is logical and critical. Contributing factors include originality, organization, presentation quality, knowledgeability, media quality, and overall presentation.
  • Design Thinking (20%) – Articulation of the needs and experiences of the stakeholders and provision of applicable and practical solutions. Judges will evaluate factors including problem definition, methodology, analysis, and recommendations.