For Phase One of the competition, posters are to be electronically submitted to the competition by the poster submission deadline. Submitted posters will be printed and mounted for competitors as an included service with their competition fee (not applicable for virtual competitions).

Typical poster sizes are 48″ W x 36″ L although other sizes are acceptable. As a reference, a few websites that host poster templates you may use are available from here, and here. Posters may be printed up to 51″ x 44″ in size. (48″ x 48″) or (51″ x 44″) is the maximum allowable poster size.

Sample Posters

There are several examples of the style of competition posters that teams may submit. To see what was delivered in previous competitions check out the link of prior competitions.

Prior Competitions

Other Sample Posters

Manhattan College in the United States also has a great analytics competition and provides links to the historical posters presented at their competition. Visit to view prior submissions for their annual Business Analytics competition. Choose a prior competition year and view the participants to see the posters. These posters are a great reference to understanding what is expected of competitors.